Measuring Hardware


The electronic unit contains the following electronic components of an active magnetic measuring system:

  • Power supply
  • Measuring realtime computer
  • Power source

The specific measuring amplifiers are integrated in the magnetic sensor systems. Two of them can be connected to the electronic unit.

The electronic unit is linked to the PC by USB or Ethernet.

Power Source

There are power sources in the following perfomance categories

  • ±50V ±6A (optional ±12A)
  • ±80V ±20A (optional ±30A)
  • ±125V ±20A (optional ±30A)
  • power sources according to customer requirement

Our power sources can be used for static or dynamic measurements. They are protected from overload (short-circuit and thermally) and overvoltages at the output. They are characterised by low noise and small offset. The optimal measuring range is controlled by the measuring computer.

Measuring Amplifier

The measuring amplifiers are switchable for static and dynamic measurements. They have a bandwidth of 25Hz for static and 80kHz for dynamic measurements. The static and the dynamic part are separately developed. Thus optimal characteristics for the respective measuring task are reached – a very small offset drift in static measurements and minimum distortions in dynamic measurements. The input is protected from overvoltages and the measuring range is configured by the measuring computer.

Measuring computer

with floating-point arithmetic and 16MB local memory. With ADbasic complex algorithms were implemented which can be adapted easily to special measuring tasks. The realtime measuring computer controls the measurement, captures the measured values and computes the physical characteristic values. So the PC is used only for the controlling and archiving of the measurements. The connection to the PC is made by USB2.0 or 100MBit/s ethernet.

Die Elektronik-Einheit hat kompakte Abmaße.

Sie ist in einem 19″-Gehäuse
(Breite ca. 450mm und max. 500mm Tiefe) untergebracht mit 3HE (ca. 135mm Höhe) oder 6HE (ca. 270mm Höhe), je nach eingebauter Leistungsquelle.

Sie kann als Tischgehäuse flach oder aufrecht stehend (Tower, nur bei 3HE) oder als 19″-Rack-Einschub eingesetzt werden.