The Measuring Systems of the Magnettechnik are easy to operate and to maintain.
The Measuring Hardware is connected to a PC via USB port or ethernet interface, there are no parts to put into the PC. Thus a high independence from developments on the PC market is reached.
The Operation of the Measuring System is done only by the PC while execution of measurement is done by the real time computer in the Electronics Unit.

The components of the Measuring Systems as power sources, signal conditioning, real time controller software are specially developed for magnetic measurement so many different sensor systems from ironless coil systems and/or from yoke, field coil, measuring sensors can be attached.

Measuring possibilities

The field strength H and the flux density B and the magnetostriction λ are measured.

The field strength H is determined in depence on magnetic circuit

  • from the excitation current or
  • over sensors (Rogowski coil, tangential field coil or hall-element)

From the measured values the following basic functions are determined and/or computed

  • field strength H(B) and/or H(J) in the static & dynamic field
  • magnetization characteristic B(H) and/or J(H) in the static & dynamic field
  • static BH loop B(H) and/or J(H)
  • dynamic resetting loop B^(H^) and/or J^(H) and
  • the characteristic values saturation, remanence, coercitive force
  • the sizes of permeability µ, magnetic losses and so on

PC software

On the monitor all important data are represented to the yoke, to the sample, to the measuring series and to the conditions of the current measuring task. The measuring programs (series of measurements) are defined by sequential individual measuring instructions with simple syntax and stored as text files. They can be called, processed at will or changed. All measured values (also the instantaneous values H(t) and B(t) and/or J(t)) are stored in a data base. This can be scanned comfortably, so that also with large data sets the measured values of each measurement can be found problem-free and called. The analysis software can be installed and used also on other PC’s in the network.

Characteristics of static measurements

Rise dJ/dt
0,01T/s to 0,25T/s

BH loop
complete and internal (asymmetrical) BH loop

Bandwidth of signals
DC to 25Hz

Characteristics of dynamic measurements

Measuring frequency
1Hz to 4kHz (dominant mode)

Waveform Uprimarily or Bsample
beliebig vorgebbar

Bandwidth of signals
0Hz to 80kHz

Set accuracy
Field strength H
0,1%, at least 1A/m
Polarization J
0,1%, at least 1mT