Measurement Services

We carry out order measurements with the existing or also particularly adapted and/or new-developed measuring instruments for you.

The placing of magnetic investigations as service in place of the purchase of a measuring system are meaningful, if measurements are not regular.
That is among other things the case

  • with repairs of large electric motors and generators (analysis of the core material)
  • with the development and with the manufacture of prototypes of new motors and generators

Additionally if a high expenditure is necessary for measurements, an outsourcing of them in general is the most favorable solution.
That applies e.g. to magnetostriction measurements, with which both the preparation of the samples (DMS application and wiring) as well as the interpretation of the results of measurement are relatively complicated.

Examples of particularly adapted and/or again-developed measuring instruments:

  • Magnetization of flat samples without boundaries
  • soft-magnetic solid samples

The measuring systems used for order measurements are also calibrated by PTB certified samples. (PTB = Physikalisch-Technische Bundesanstalt)