Double C yoke measuring system (pliers yoke)

Standardized methods of measurement of the magnetic properties of electrical steels are

  • the EPSTEIN frame (International Electronical Commission 60404-2)
  • the single Sheet tester (SST) (International Electronical Commission 60404-3)
  • Systems for the determination of static characteristic values (International Electronical Commission 60404-4)

The form of the specimens is given by the standards.

With the Double C Yoke now it is possible to determine the magnetic characteristics of nonoriented electrical steel

  • at sheets of any size
  • directly at a wide or slit strip or
  • alternatively from an internal Akku or with mains circuit connection

can be determined.

Zangenjoch 2.0 Zangenjoch2.0 (Doppel-C-Joch-MessSystem)
The measuring system can be operated

in the PC mode
  • controlling the measurement by a PC
  • archiving the results of measurement on PC
in the standalone mode
  • controlling of the measurement over the a touch panel
  • storage of the results of measurement in the measuring computer with the possibility, to transfer the measured values for archiving to a PC

For a use and an integration into certified quality assurance systems the measuring system calibrated by measurements of samples with PTB certificate, whose characteristic values of the Federal Standards Laboratory PTB were determined.

Double C yoke measuring system
(pliers yoke)

Size of the specimens
in field direction
≥ 80mm
transverse to the field direction
≥ 50mm
0,30mm to 1,0mm

Measurement parameters

Field strength
50A/m to 10kA/m

1,0T bis 1,7T

Measuring frequency
50Hz to 200Hz


Flux density B(H)
(B ≥ 1.0T)
better 2%

Losses P(B)
(B ≥ 1.0T)
better 3%

max. difference to
PTB measurement

Flux density B(H)
(B ≥ 1.0T)
better 3%

Losses P(B)
(B ≥ 1.0T)
better 5%