EPSTEIN frame and SST coils

For the determination of magnetic characteristic values of electrical steel we offer standardized

  • EPSTEIN frame in accordance with International Electronical Commission 60404-2
  • SST coil in accordance with International Electronical Commission 60404-3

In general

  • 10Hz to 400Hz dynamically
  • 0Hz to 200Hz statically and dynamically
  • up to 10kHz with adapted windings
Epsteinrahmen Standard
Epsteinrahmen Standard

Beside the standardized 25cm-EPSTEIN-frame for samples of 30 x 280 mm² size on requirement also systems for the investigation of specimens of smaller dimensions are manufactured. The measuring possibilities correspond to a large extent to those of the 25cm frame.

Alternatively to the board measuring instrument SST after International Electronical Commission yokes are offered to 60404-3, in which single strips can be examined.

EPSTEIN frame in accordance
with IEC 60404-2
Coil system from 4 squarely arranged coils with field and measuring coil for the determination of the magnetic characteristics of magnetic steel strips

Size of specimen (strips)
length ≥ 280mm
width ≤ 30mm

Number of strips
by 4 divisibly

Sample mass
maximum approx 1kg

Field strength
to 30.000 A/m

to approx 2T

Measuring frequency
1Hz to 4kHz
dB/dt static
0,05T/s to 0,25T/s