Examination of highest permeable materials in the static field

Testings of materials in static magnetic fields are both for the manufacturers as well as the users soft and hardmagnetic materials of interest.

It is not necessarily crucial whether the materials are used exclusively in static or in alternating fields.

In contrast to the measurements in the alternating fields the structure-dependent magnetic material properties are determined exactlier in static fields.

The Magnettechnik Kleine offers in particular for the examination soft-magnetic materials in the static field

  • modern measuring technique or alternatively
  • to measure your specimens

In an extensive ordered work the characteristic values and the anisotropy of some high and highest permeable FeNi materials were determined.
Beside woundl cores with a magnetization in preferred direction

  • circular specimens (magnetization in all directions)
  • specimens with square framework form (magnetization in rolling and transverse direction)

were examined and

  • the initial curve H(B) and/or H(J)
  • symmetrical BH loops H(J)
  • asymmetrical loops (reversal loops).

were determined. In the two following diagrams examples are represented.

Measured quasi-statically with a change of flux dΦ/dt = const.
The optimal value of dΦ/dt before the actual measurements were determined.
One measured with rises 0,0125T/s ≤ dJ/dt ≤ 0,10T/s
During the measurements, which are represented in the diagrams above, a value of dJ/dt = 0,0125T/s was selected.

High permeable specimens (Fe & FeNi) in the static magnetic field were examined.

As direction of magnetization

– the rolling direction
– the rolling and the transverse direction
– all directions in the plane of sheets

were selected.

The symmetrical and some asymmetrical B(H)-loops were determined.