Magnetic Measuring

Since 1997 Magnettechnik Kleine develops and manufactures Measuring Technology for determination of magnetic properties of soft magnetic materials.

Characteristics of these measuring technology are:
  • Measuring hardware is modular, components are easily to maintain or to change.
  • Power sources may be used for static and dynamic measurement and are available in different power classes.
  • The yokes and coil systems comply with the IEC-standards or will be designed according to customer tasks.
  • Measuring is controlled by a special DSP-based realtime computer and runs very fast and reliable.
  • User can create lists of measurings to be done one after the other, the current state of the system is always displayed in realtime.
  • The results of the measuring (including the values of the curves) are stored in a database and in an EXCEL file too. So the user can easily go on with his own analysis of the results.
  • Magnettechnik provides an extensive software for analysing the results of measuring. It can be installed on other PC’s in the user´s network.